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👋 Hi there! I'm Alfonso. I live in Madrid (Spain 🇪🇸). I enjoy writing code, and I like to use to my skills to build stuff at AMGA Ventures: my own software company dedicated to creating micro-digital businesses. If you want to contact me, you can do it via e-mail.

⚙️ What I have built

Here are some public projects and other stuff I have built for fun or profit. All projects listed here were built by myself from scratch (planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing & integration..etc.) and managed throughout their life cycle (maintenance, customer support, marketing, finances..etc.).

FullAnalytics (

  • Description: Prevent Google Analytics from being blocked by ad blockers.
  • Project type: SaaS B2B TBA

  • Description: Instantly convert YouTube videos into podcasts.
  • Project type: SaaS B2C homepage

Architected and implemented the core system from scratch to fully scale and handle hundreds of thousands of resource-expensive and intensive operations. Developed end-to-end product key features like YouTube to Podcast converter, User's Listen Later, User's Library, Studio, Podcast Web Player.

Built with Golang, TypeScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Chakra UI, BlitzJS, FaunaDB, GraphQL, Docker, Consul, Vault, Traefik, Nomad, YouTube Data API, Podcast RSS, Stripe, Vercel, Cloudflare CDN, Hetzner.

  • Description: Call Tracking Software for SMBs.
  • Project type: SaaS B2B

Fully developed end-to-end product core features like Call Tracking, Phone Numbers Provision, Drag and drop Call Flow Editor, Simultaneous Phone Ring, Greeting Message, Whisper Message, Voicemail, SMS Text Forwarding, In-browser Outgoing Calling (softphone), Notifications System, Dashboard Advanced Reporting, Companies Management (multitenancy), Internationalization (i18n) and Third-Party Integrations (Google Ads, CRMs like Salesforce..etc).

Built with TypeScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, Material UI, GraphQL, Storybook, Netlify, Yarn Workspaces (monorepo), Segment, Paddle, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Twilio.

  • Description: Intelligent website chat widget to boost engagement and sales.
  • Project type: SaaS B2B demo

Designed and implemented the core product features like Real-time Widget Editor, Messengers Integration (WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, SMS, Phone Call, and E-mail), Business Hours, Departments, Dynamic Greeting Message, Platforms Integration (Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop, JavaScript code..etc) and Google Analytics Integration.

Built with TypeScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Chakra UI, BlitzJS, PostgreSQL, DigitalOcean DBaaS, Prisma, Stripe, Vercel.

  • Description: Cloud-based highly customized smart voicemails.
  • Project type: SaaS B2B logo

Created a Minimum Viable Product focused on providing cloud-based voicemails for businesses with a great User Experience. Developed product core features like 1-Click Voicemail Setup, Greeting Message, Business Hours, Instant Notifications, and Voicemail Dashboard (to listen to received messages..etc).

Built with TypeScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Chakra UI, PostgreSQL, Prisma, Vercel, Twilio.

  • Description: Digital marketing white label services wholesale for brands.
  • Project type: SaaS E-commerce B2B homepage

Architected, implemented, and iterated the service core value technology over 5 years. Developed, maintained, upgraded, and supervised on-call the central API system processing +100K/orders for our white label service used by our customers. Automated processes on ad networks and built key relationships to scale our business activity and keep our technology state-of-art.

Built with C#, PHP, JavaScript, Symfony, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Pug, PM2, MongoDB, Redis, SocketIO, DigitalOcean, PayPal Checkout, BeMob Tracker, PopAds.

  • Description: Automated recurring Bitcoin Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) purchases.
  • Project type: SaaS B2C introducing post

Developed the core features and system processes, integrated the service with major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken, and designed a friendly User Experience for non-crypto savvy users.

Built with TypeScript, KoaJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, MongoDB, Dokku, Docker, Lerna Monorepo, DigitalOcean, Docusaurus, Stripe, Mixpanel, Netlify.

🎨 Open source stuff

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